Share Facebook Statuses Easily With Status Snapper [Quicktip]

Want to share a funny Facebook status but don’t want the profile picture or name revealed in the shot? Many users use colors to blot out the details, sometimes making a mess out of the image. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make this treatment as fast and as painless as possible?

Status Snapper

We have found a handy Chrome extension called Status Snapper which not only helps you automatically blur out the profile picture and name, but also lets you capture and upload images up to Imgur without having to open up any other side applications.

Getting Started

To start, add Status Snapper as your Chrome extension.

Now, go to your Facebook. You’ll notice that on the right side of the URL bar there’s a Status Snapper icon. Whenever you find a nice saying you want to take a shot of, activate Status Snapper by clicking on the icon.

status snapper icon on right hand side url box

You’ll notice on the news feed page that there are icons with the word SNAP. To capture the status you want, click on SNAP, and Status Snapper will automatically blur out the name and display picture of the nearest status.

click on snap to capture

After clicking SNAP, the FINISH and CANCEL buttons will pop up. Click FINISH to upload the shot to Imgur. Click CANCEL to make another selection.

click on finish to upload

Your screenshot will open in a separate tab with a Status Snapper watermark on it.

final product


This is just a simple extension that lets you skip having to use Paint and coloring to blot out details. Although Status Snapper makes it easier to blur out your personal details, there is no way of indicating who is saying what in longer Facebook conversation threads. Also, thus far, it only works with the news feed page, not on your personal Wall Feed.