Sharing Desktop Screen On the Fly with Screenleap

If you do your work collaboratively over the Internet, there are times when you need to share or discuss your work in real-time without having to make screenshots to show your progress.


You can consider Airtime, Google Hangout and other video tools for this purpose, but we’re going to introduce Screenleap to you because it’s an online app that runs instantly without sign-ups or installations.

Share your screen on the Fly

To start sharing your screen, go to Screenleap and click on the green button Share your screen now.

Share now

There will be a popup requesting access to your computer, click Allow.


Once access is allowed, a small control window will appear at the front of your screen. When this control appears, your screen share is already active, select if you want to share the entire screen or share only screen ‘inside rectangle’.

Share started

Selecting to Share inside rectangle will bring out a green rectangle that you can always resize and move to any part of your screen.


When you are ready to share your screen, go to the Screenleap page and copy the link then send them to your friends/partners to start sharing your screen.

Share link

To stop sharing, press Pause sharing, or click Stop sharing to end the session.



Ridiculously simple to use, this app makes for a great tool to share your screen and offers you control over what you want to share and don’t. Just be careful of what is running on the background when you have the sharing on, alright?

So what do you think of this tool? Share your comment.

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