Showcase of Beautiful Airline Logo Designs

Flying is associated with travels and adventures in new far-off places. Millions fly for business and leisure across continents on a daily basis, and with a huge number of airlines to choose from, branding is dramatically important. And the airline logo is at the heart of it. Organizations need attractive and catchy logo designs particularly in an industry as competitive as the airline industry.

The most successful logos are those which can be easily reproduced on paper from memory. Here I’ve collected 20 beautiful airline logo designs for your inspiration. In most of the logos below you’ll see that they were not designed to depict aircrafts but to show flying. Eye-catching colors, strategic curves and symbols of wings and flight are some of the highlight to look out for here.

1. TAM Airlines by Carlos Nogueira

2. HANDY Airlines – Brand Identity by VENDO

3. ANKA AIRLINES – Brand Identity by Selman HOŞGÖR

4. American Eagle Airlines by Anthony Wiktor

5. Eule Airlines by Eric Villarreal

6. Vivid Airlines by Anais LESAGE

7. Air Asia by Rob Clarke

8. SKYWAYS by Goran Pandza

9. Airline Identity Concept – Nova by Kyun Ngui

10. Ryanair Rebranding by Kirsty Love

11. Air Halloway by Naveed Akbar

12. Hawaiian Airlines Rebrand by Oliver Lo

13. FlyPortugal by Antonio Avelar

14. Fiji Airways by Brad Stevens

15. Logo Air SERBIA – New national airline of Serbia by Tamara Maksimovic

16. Air Go logo and branding by Moe slah

17. Concept design for Naissus Regional Airlines by Alex Djordjevic

18. THRASHAIR by Garrett Wessman

19. Lion Air Rebranding by Baird Clinkscales

20. Air Berlin by JJ Liou