Showcase of Beautiful Blue Color Websites

Editor’s note: This is a contributed post by Alex Bulat, a columnist at interested in software development, web design and color theory. Follow him on Google+.

Every time you come across a website you’ve never seen before, what’s the first thing that strikes you? It’s the color scheme! Color is of primary importance to any user. Color is the first thing that influences the perception of an individual and it delivers the message in a subtle manner.

No matter how good the content is, or the usability of your site, it is very critical to not mess up the palette or color scheme (and turn your website into ‘rabid rainbow’.

As a designer, you should know and understand the basis of color psychology. Of all the colors to choose from, this blog post is dedicated to the color ‘blue’.

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The Secrets of Blue

Blue is described as the favorite color of many individuals, especially of men. Blue calls to mind a sense of calmness and serenity, peace and tranquility, but you’d be surprised with the secrets it bears when it comes to its association with one’s character.

Why So Blue?

Psychological research has shown that people work more productively in blue rooms. However, blue can also create feelings of sadness and alienation. If you like blue, it shows modesty and melancholy in your character.

A sense of confidence, and benevolence of others are highly important for those who like blue. This personal attachment of people to blue is rooted to the fact that it is associated with highness and nobility just like the sky and the oceans.

Opposition to this color reveals a man who wants to make the impression that he can do everything in this world. But, in fact, he’s a sample of insecurity and isolation.

Indifference to this color refers to frivolity of senses, hidden under the mask of courtesy.

"Fans of the color blue" often need to rest, because they tire quickly; the choice of blue as the most preferred color reflects a physiological and psychological need to have a rest, and denial means that this person avoids relaxation.

Blue in Web Designs

Web designers used the color blue as the perfect weapon to attract users. For them, the use of blue can bring a clean and professional look to their design. That’s why it’s common to see azure websites in diverse fields of interest – corporate or personal, you’ll find them in blue. Here are 15 such examples.




Angry Birds Space





Adventure World


Barack Obama




Quazar Web Design

As you can see from the examples above, blue is one of the more stable and associative colors, at a designer’s disposal. Brighter shades produce more a creative sense; darker ones give a strong presence. Companies that would like to present quality and stability in their products (e.g. IBM) will use lighter shades of blue for their websites and branding. Plus, this color increases brand recognition, and customer’s trust towards it.


For a more interactive look into blue and its place in web design, here is a fun infographic about the colour blue made by TemplateMonster. Some of the info you will find are more examples of the usage of blue in website design, logos, their influences in culture, gender preference, and a personal favorite, the 55 shades of blue you can play with!

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