Showcase of Beautiful Flat UI Design

Behold web and user interface designers, a new trend (or style) is taking the world of UI and website design by storm – flat design. It is a minimalistic approach and style to designing websites and UI where we take a step back, strip away all the 3D elements, gradients, shadows and effects to leave behind the bare necessities.

In a nutshell, flat design removes the noise, the bells and whistles, the site accessories that overwhelm visitors and drive away peers. It’s pure and simple, and fundamentally minimalistic. If you are bored with it all and would like to fall back on just the gist, it’s time to give this style a shot. It’s already making its wave through plenty of sites on the Web, and we are showcasing more than 20 beautiful examples of this upcoming design trend here.

Like what you see or have know of other amazing examples? Drop us a line in the comments section.


Weather App "Outside the window"



Simone Marcarino


Lorenzo Verzini

Interactive Advent Calendar


Foundation framework

Jakub Antalik

Tommy Roussel

Rob Schlegel


Steffen Norgaard Amdersen

Michal Langmajer


George Leonardo

Cai Cardenas

Designed To Move