Showcase of Beautiful Movie Website Designs

True movie lovers hardly ever get satisfied with just watching a film. They want to know all the details related to the movie, details like the cast, inspiration behind a story, fresh news about it and even more. Fortunately, the Web era allows us to know a lot about a favourite movie. And film and trivia websites help us with it.

Films are made to entertain their audiences, same goes with their sites. Of course, the main aim is to spread to the world what’s great about the film and promote it via trailers with dramatic action, graphically rich animation, awesome sound effects and funny quips about what to expect.Then, there is the film website.

As a rule, a film website launches long before the highly anticipated movie in order to trigger public interest. In today’s post, I have pulled together 45 really stunning film website designs of all the best movies over the last few years. Check out the appropriate use of full size video backgrounds to show off a trailer or awesome posters.

1. Iron Man

2. Life of Pi

3. Star Trek Into Darkness

4. The Hobbit

5. Killing Them Softly

6. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

7. Hangover Part 3

8. Warm Bodies

9. A Good Day to Die Hard

10. Sherlock Holmes

11. 99 Fraqncs

12. Limitless

13. Hitchcock

14. Sinister

15. Side Effect

16. Kick-Ass 2

17. White House Down

18. The Hunger Games

19. Stand Up Guys

20. Madagascar

21. Rush

22. To Save a Life

23. Bachelorette

24. Silent Hill

25. The Mechanic

26. Cloud Atlas

27. Men in Black

28. Cosmopolis

29. Man of Steel

30. Resident Evil

31. Worlds Away 3D

32. Watchmen

33. Alice in Wonderland

34. Broken Embraces

35. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

36. Where the Wild Things Are

37. Mid-August Lunch

38. City Island

39. Brooklyns Fines

40. Halloween 2

41. Green Lantern

42. Red Riding Hood

43. Day Breakers

44. Sucker Punch

45. The Exorcist


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