Showcase Of Creative Remakes Of The World Map

Creativity does not have any limits; it can go as wild as possible yet as imaginative as possible. Here, we have put together some of creative remakes of the World Map by the most creative and artistic designers. These remakes of the World Map are created with excellent imagination; some of them also use some uncommon art material to make the World Map stands out. While some others are no less creative yet still present the World Map in an interesting way. On the other hand, some remakes of the World Map only highlight some goods and services, some global historical event/time or make certain political statements.

Here is the complete list. Enjoy and do share your opinions about this compilation with the rest of the world. You can also share this post on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

World Map

The World in A Drop of Water

World Map

Typographic World Map Night

Doctors of the World, Netherlands

Religions world map

The Internet’s “Black holes”

World Flags Inside Candies


Caricature Map of Europe 1914

National Air Cargo: We Deliver the World

Ebstorf World Map

The World Map of Small Towns

Facebook World Map

DHL: Small World

Absolut Vodka: Mexico

Inverted Map

Dots World Map

Butterflies World Map

Artistic Map

World Map Abstract Paint

Super Mario World Map

World Beer Map

Map of the Caribbean

Fedex: MAP


Cats Map of the World Map


The World, Dubai


Adventure World Map

Yamaha Tenere: Desert

Matchbox: USA map

Peel That Tangerine

Nilofar Bano’s World

Ravine Map

Human Rights Organisation

Kingdom Hearts Universe Map

Discovery Channel

In this collection of amazing creative and excellent remakes of the World Map, we aim to share with you some cool and interesting concepts about how the World Map can be redesigned for fun. That means we have spent hours finding the best and creative remakes of the World Map. We went through hundreds of websites to find the cream of the crop. So browse through and splash!

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