Showcase of Weather App UI Design For Your Inspiration

Beyond a doubt, mobile applications are really popular these days, some of them, indispensable. Aside from a good idea or a really easy to use interface, an attractive app design is also very important. When it comes to weather apps in particular, that design has to both be visually well-presented, and accurate.

Unfortunately, a lot of weather applications show too much detailed information and unnecessary data which makes sense probably only to a trained meteorologist. Today I’ve collected 50 fine examples of weather app designs with minimalistic and flat design elements. While most of these are basically design concepts, you might be able to download some of them. Be impressed and inspired by truly sophisticated interfaces.

1. iOS7 Weather App v.2 by Dmitriy Haraberush

2. iOS7 Weather App by Dmitriy Haraberush

3. Weather and Time by s-pov

4. Authentic Weather by Tobias van Schneider

5. Weather App by Tsvetelin Nikolov

6. Weather app for iOS 7 by Sai Nihas

7. Sunrise & Sunset iPhone App by Jared Chan

8. Weathertron by Ryan Lucas

9. Introducing the new Sun by Jakob Henner

10. thermometer by Eddie Lobanovskiy

11. Weatherette by Fabio Basile

12. Weather App (washing machine) by Kreativa Studio

13. Weather GUI App by Yasser Achachi

14. Weather App by Alden Haley

15. Weather app by Claudio Guglieri

16. Weather Winter by Webshocker

17. Oh…Holy Night! by David Elgena

18. Weather App by Hila Peleg

19. Misfit Shine: Weather conditions by Simon Hoang

20. Meteo Application UI Design by Samir Timezguida

21. iPhone Weather App – Forecast by Eric Hoffman

22. Weather by Webshocker

23. Weather App by Ramiro Galan

24. Weather app + psd by Pawel Pniewski

25. Sunup Weather App by Efe Karada&#287li

26. Dieter meets Adam Whitcroft in a heavenly embrace by David Elgena

27. Morning Rain – iOS Weather App by Roberto Nickson

28. Weather App by Cüneyt ŞEN

29. Partly Cloudy – The Ultimate Infoviz Weather App by Timm Kekeritz

30. Minimal Weather by Pablo Chavida

31. Weather App locations list by Artua

32. Weather by Rally Interactive (via Ben Cline)

33. WTW? by Alex Martinov

34. Temp° by Racine Davis

35. Weather app by Rob Vloemans

36. Cube weather by Ilya Kulikov

37. Weather by career aka Chen Zhong Hui

38. Snowboard/Ski Tracking App by Octopus Creative

39. Weather IOS app by basem saad

40. Weather App “Outside the window” by Artem Svitelskyi

41. Phone Weather App by Nils Hoenson

42. Cope weather app for by Taner Parcali

43. Weather app by Benny Chew

44. Weather App by Aditya Nugraha Putra

45. MINIMETEO 1.4 (UNIVERSAL) by Alberto Antoniazzy

46. Weather iOS App temp by Greta Gabbert Laman

47. Weather app by Gilly RAZ

48. Landing Page by Evan Dinsmore

49. Meteo & Clock iPhone App by Benoit Morin

50. WeatherWear App by Mary McElveen