Snap Photos with Voice Control Using Vapp

Are you always the one who is holding the camera when they are taking group photos? Can’t seem to get your smile right because you are busy trying to handle the camera from in front of the lens?

If only there was some way to set the iPhone far enough to put everyone in the frame. Well, there is the tripod but who is going to snap the photo?


Let your voice do it – with Vapp. This app allows you to take pictures just with your voice. Imagine saying ‘Cheese’ to trigger your camera to take a snapshot of you. Think of all the possibilities! Here’s how it works.

Get Vapp To Snap For You

When you start the app, the first thing you want to do is determine the volume level which will trigger a snapshot. You do this by moving the slider on the right up or down to get the volume level right.

If you’re ‘Fishing on a boat’ you won’t need a very loud sound to trigger the camera as compared to when you’re in a ‘Death Metal gig’.

Vapp Volume

Tapping the Clock symbol at the bottom sets a 3-second timer after it has detected the sound trigger. The square on the left gives you a small thumbnail of the last picture you took; tapping it brings you to the gallery where you can see all the pictures you have taken with Vapp.


Within the gallery, you can select a picture you want to save (high or low quality) to your iPhone Photo Album, share it by email, or on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.


Finally, you can also set a ‘Signal Flash’ to go off when a photo is taken. This lets you know when the photo has been snapped. It is accessible from the gear icon.


That is it from Vapp, a very cool photo-taking app (that’s free) which helps you get rid of shaky photos and gets everyone into the group picture, leaving no friend behind.