Spice Up Your Google Search Background [On Chrome]

The trend these days is that if you want the answer to something, you don’t ask a grown up, you ask Google. I’m sure for most of you the Google search page is your start page, especially if your favorite browser is Chrome. Notice that the background of the Google search page is a blank sheet of nothingness, well, apart from the search bar of course.

customize google page

How about we spice things up a little by adding a background or your own picture? With this Custom Google Background extension, you can customize the Google search page background to something of your liking (but only on the Chrome browser).

Getting Started

First, add Custom Google Background extension to browser. It will ask for permission to access your data and browsing activity.

add extension on chrome

Next, you will be forwarded to the Settings page. Choose the image you want to use for Google search background from your hardisk or from a URL.

You can upload more than one image and even leave it on random mode so your background will always change as you reload the page.

select images

Not only that, with this extension you can personalize the Google search page. Choose to hide certain elements from the search page such as the Google logo, the "Lucky" button, the footer and much more. You also can adjust the position of your image.

personalized google page

Bored with the current image? Just click on "change background image" at the bottom left side of the page, and it will redirect you to the Settings page and you can make your changes there.

how to go back to settings page

via hongkiat.com http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/customize-google-search-background/