Supercharge Your Online Calendar With 5 Handy Plugins

If you work on the Web, you will depend a lot on the calender to keep track of project progress, submission deadlines and the likes. For most of us, Google Calendar is a great scheduling tool, mostly because it had been conveniently integrated with Gmail and other Google services. Best of all, it even allows the display of other calendar services like iCal and Outlook.


No matter which calendar you use, there are a few handy plugins and add-ons that can help you keep track of your productivity rates, particularly if you are not able to avoid procrastinating while on the job. To help you with that, we have 5 browser tools that can help you better manage your online calendar events.

Some of them work with Google Calendar, so that’s a plus, but we’re going to start with an add-on for Firefox.

1. Integrated Google Calendar

[Firefox] Installing this Mozilla Firefox gives you super quick access to view or add events to your calendar without having to go to a different browser tab or window. Once you are on any Google service, you don’t have to sign in to open up the calendar.

Integrated Google Calendar

The add-on settings also allow you to change the window’s height and width so it won’t block off your view. After adding an event and closing the window, opening it again will leave you exactly where you left off.

2. Google Calendar Chrome Extension

[Chrome] This is a Chrome extension by the Google developers themselves. Clicking on it will let you see your upcoming Google Calendar events. You can also quickly add an event by clicking on the + button and it’ll be instantly added to your Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Chrome Extension

Another feature is that you can see the time remaining until your next agenda. This can be seen on the button itself indicating ’24m’ for 24 minutes or ’12h’ for 12 hours. This feature is handy so you won’t miss out on appointmens or deadlines as you browse the Web.

3. Location Autocomplete For Google Calendar

[Chrome] Google Calendar has the option to add the location of your event. This tweak adds even more functionality to that option by giving you suggestions to places. It uses Foursquare’s venues API which has a large database, giving you a pretty accurate location suggestion.

Location Autocomplete For Google Calendar

Once the event is created, you can click on the map button to launch Google Maps on another tab. Here you can search for the exact location and directions. There are no options to configure after installation but you have to restart your browser to get it working properly.

4. G-Calize – Themes For Google Calendar

[Chrome] If you ever wanted to replace the boring plain white color of Google Calendar, you now can with G-Calize. Be creative with the colors as you can choose any HTML hex color. The settings give you lots of flexibility. You can change the font and background color for each day of the week and even the color of ‘today’.


If you import a calendar or a holiday calendar you can even mark it with specific colors. These settings can be accessed whenever you visit Google Calendar or clicking on the G-Calize icon. One last note: you have to use the color palette even if you know the hex color code. Try this converter to convert hex to RGB.

5. Calendar And Countdown

[Chrome] This tweak does not work with Google Calendar but is a very simple add on for someone who heavily relies on a calendar. Run the plugin to display a full fledge calendar. You can add events by right-clicking on a date.

Hovering your mouse over any date will show you the number of days left before the day of the event. You can even color code special dates or leave notes or reminders.

Calendar And Countdown

There will also be a countdown badge on the icon telling you how many days are left before your next calendar event. You can change the calendar display to quarterly calendars or the full 12 months, configure the date format, the starting day of the week, disable "days remaining" badge option or change its color.