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Who says business is easy? Your friend who has opted for science in the university? Tell him to think again or ask him to read the book The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt. This book explains in detail how businesses actually work and what complex problems does a plant manager face in running a plant. There are robots, welding machines, fixing machines, laborers, supervisors, engineers, colleagues, secretaries, bosses – you have to take care of a lot of things. While supervising such a complex system you need not only to work hard but also work hard in the right direction. Just a small correct decision by you can make a big difference to the company.

Okay we are not promising you that we can make things work like magic for you but surely we can help you in releasing some pressure from your head. To run your business more effectively and more smoothly and in less time you need a groupware or a collaborative software. We recommend you use TeamWox.


The TeamWox online groupware and collaboration software is designed for the optimization of business management and production process in a company. Apart from all the information of your clients and history of your work with them, all your documents, tasks and even chats are stored by the software. This means that all your information will be stored in one place and will be available to you from anywhere and at anytime you please to have it.

Some of the most striking features of TeamWox are:

1) IP PBX Phone System Module


Obviously your company employees will have to talk to each other regularly for a smooth functioning of your business. How about if you get this feature for free? TeamWox’s IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) allows you to achieve just that. You will only need to pay for the external calls. All internal office calls are free with this IP PBX. You can implement an intelligent call forwarding, add an interactive voice menu or arrange for a secure audio-conferencing with an unlimited number of participants.

Installing it is quick and easy. You just have to setup the telephony module on TeamWox’s servers and you are done.

2) Live Chat (Online Assistant)

The chat module supplied by the TeamWox software contains a public component that allows you to integrate this module onto any website. Once installed the feature will allow your website to receive direct live messages from the visitors of your website and you or your customer care executive can reply to those messages instantly. More and more websites are using this live chat assistance and there is no reason why your company should lag behind.

3) Free SaaS Version

You can download and use the free SaaS or Software as a Service version of TeamWox for two months. In this version you will get all the features of the paid version. This is very nice of them as you can see what you will get.

Let me know in the comments below what do you think of TeamWox.

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