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Whether you’re a designer, a small business owner, or work at a web marketing agency, The Site Slinger is one service you need to know about to turn your designs into code. They’ve succeeded in making the PSD to HTML process simple – a real time-saving web development solution. With their fast and reliable options, coding becomes a piece of cake. If you’re looking for the best way to convert PSD to HTML, you should read on and check them out further.

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Headquartered in Austin, Texas, The Site Slinger was founded by Connor Hood in 2009 and offers a simple solution for design-to-code projects. Ordering and development assistance is always US-based. They’re able to provide PSD to HTML, PSD to Responsive, and PSD to WordPress sites; plus PSD to Email templates, too. The PSD to Responsive service utilizes a variety of frameworks, such as Bootstrap, Foundation, 960gs, and others. For a fully responsive you’ll need to supply designs at mobile, tablet, and desktops widths.

Have a strict deadline that calls for a tight turnaround? The Site Slinger steps up to the plate offering speed without compromising reliability. You’ll find there are three delivery options for PSD to HTML. You could receive your markup in as little as 5 days, 3 days or even just 1 day, depending on your budget and needs, of course. As for PSD to Responsive, there’s 5-day or 3-day delivery options; while in the case of WordPress themes there is 7-day or 5-day delivery available.

For any web development project, cost is always a concern. That’s why The Site Slinger offers flat, per-page pricing, which includes all jQuery animations – a bonus that often costs extra with competitors. Prices start at just $169 per page and go up to $289 per page, for fastest delivery of a PSD to HTML project.

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Order Process

Get started for free! The first step is an easy upload of your designs (Photoshop, Illustrator, Firework or Indesign files) for a quote. Within just two business hours, the design will be reviewed by a professional who will provide you with a quote. In order to make sure that they understand their clients’ requirements and the desired results, they communicate with clients within the streamlined ordering system, and let them know that questions and comments are always welcome – a truly transparent (and, not to mention, prompt!) service. After this review, an invoice is sent, should you choose to proceed. All major forms of payment are accepted, including PayPal.  Within days, your expertly coded markup will be provided as an easy download from a secure server. Last but not least, you are welcome to review their work, of course, ensuring the provided code is as-expected before the project is considered complete. This type of service and attention to quality and satisfaction is rarely found among the other PSD to HTML options.

Examples of  Work

For those looking for insight into their capabilities, examples of their pixel perfect code are available on their website. They take pride in their clean, organized, and well commented code, which is why they allow their customers to take a sneak peek at their work. Also, because The Site Slinger uses up-to-date, industry standard markup (HTML5 and Twitter Bootstrap, for example) you can be confident that your site will be web-ready and compatible with all modern browsers.

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It is clear that The Site Slinger comes highly recommended for any and all of your PSD to HTML needs. Let them focus on turning your web designs into code, while you focus on your business. Give them a try today!

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