Turn Your Blog posts Into A Video Easily With Wibbitz

Do you have an awesome blog you can’t wait to share with the world? Not sure if the newsletters that you are sending out are actually working to pull in the crowds? Why not try another approach? Why not use a video presentation instead?

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on making a video for this purpose, you would probably want to try Wibbitz.

Basically, the idea behind Wibbitz is that it crawls the site and extracts important text details then converts the information to a video and audio presentation. The program then narrates your latest blog updates so visitors hear the latest updates and not just read it.

Using Wibbitz

Wibbitz helps your site stand out from the crowd by repackaging static text into an engaging video which shows previews of the sites’ featured contents. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then here’s hoping that a video will speak millions for our sites!

This video above of hongkiat.com’s latest post updates was made in under 3 minutes. If you’d like your own video presentation on your site, check out the steps below.

Create and Customize Your Clip

  1. Just enter your email and site’s URL, then click Create your Clip.

    Create Clip

  2. Your clip is ready! But let’s tweak it a little bit.

    Created Clip

  3. You can customize the clip by choosing to include a voice over, or put it in on loop or autoplay. Customize the exact width and height of the video and choose to include any of the 6 available soundtracks or none at all. For this example, we chose ‘Inspiration’. Click Update Clip to save your changes.

  4. Your clip will be saved in HTML5, so it can be viewed on most mobile devices or tablets. Just embed the code on your site, and you’ll have a video presentation which updates itself according to your site’s most recent posts.


There are a few limitations to using Wibbitz: there are not many customizable options to choose from. Plus, we can’t actually tailor which post we want featured in the video. You also can’t input your own voice over or your own soundtrack.

One of the biggest drawbacks is that the voiceover cannot process certain symbols such as the apostrophe, so if you have them in your titles, the voice over will narrate the html code instead of treating it like a punctuation when it is pronounced.


Wibbitz is quick and easy to use if you need an interesting video presentation to introduce your site to new visitors, so If you don’t mind the limitations listed above, then just head over to their site for a free exclusive video highlighting your blog’s recent updates.

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