Turn Your Classroom Into A Time Machine [Infographic]

Teachers around the world are warming up to the idea of introducing tech into schools, and we’re not referring just to augmented reality or 3D printing here. These things are mere tools teachers can use – it is what the educator does with it to help improve the learning experience that truly unleashes the potential of these technologies, the devices, and their contents.

For example, Youtube is a great bottomless pit of educational videos to do with scientific processes, historical happenings, world-changing events, inspirational speeches, and many other topics that would help make classrooms not so boring. For teachers who have a hard time making their students pay attention in class, the right Youtube video may be the help they need.

Check out these links, tips and channels to help turn the classroom into a time machine!

Credit: Megan Barnes

via hongkiat.com http://ift.tt/1pih3bR