Turn Your Favourite Website Into 3D Maze With Google Chrome Maze

If you had fun playing the smartphone controlled, multiplayer game with Chrome Super Sync, you should check out this new 3D maze game also by Google Chrome! With some of Google’s advance wizardry in programming, they can turn your favourite website into a 3D maze where you navigate a ball to its goal. The best part is you control the ball with your smartphone or tablet, tilting it as a way to steer the ball.

Widescreen Gameplay

The game also features really nice music and will take up a lot of your time because it’s (frustratingly) fun to play. Here’s how to start playing Google Chrome Maze.

Syncing Your Smartphone

To begin, go to the Chrome Maze website with your desktop browser and click on the Start button.


It’ll then show you an intro sequence to get you familiar with how the game is played. Once the intro is over, you’ll have to select a method to connect your smartphone or tablet. One way would be to scan a QR code with an app on your mobile device which will redirect you to a website on your mobile web browser. However, the easiest way we found was to Type or email link.

Sync Start

It will provide you with a 6-digit code when you click on that option.


You then go to g.co/maze on the Chrome web browser on your mobile device to enter this 6-digit code and tap on Connect to sync it. Choose your stage (website) through your mobile device or your desktop browser. Tap on Play to select the website.

Connect Device

Tilt Controls On Chrome Maze

The game is simple, you have a time limit and 3 lives to navigate to the end of the maze while collecting points along the way.


You control the ball with your smartphone. So the first step is to ‘calibrate’ your smartphone. Do this by holding your smartphone in landscape mode while looking at your desktop browser.


You now have to tilt your phone to align the dots on the bottom left corner of your desktop browser.


Once it’s aligned, it will notify you saying this is your neutral position. Tilting your mobile device forward, will make the ball move forward and so forth.

Tilt Success

You can now explore the entire maze and try to reach the end before your time or lives run out. Have fun!


Game Limitations

While running the game on a laptop, we could hear the laptop fans being turned up to very high speeds. This means that the game is using a lot of processing power due to the fact it’s creating this 3D graphics in real-time. So folks with older PC’s might have some ‘lag’ or graphic issues while playing the game. Apart from that, it’s just pure fun. Do share this fun game with all your friends to enjoy.

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