Two Ways To Change Your Android Boot Animation [Android Tip]

Ever stumbled upon a cool boot animation on a friend’s Android device or a presentation on the Web? It isn’t hard to make your own. In fact, we are going to show you in this post, two ways to create a custom boot animation for your own device.

(Image Source: PHAndroid)

There is the hard way – thorough, but which could work on all devices; and the easy way – where you can just change your boot animation through an app. Both required a rooted device. Before you start, it is advisable to create a full NANDroid backup.

#1 – Android File Manager (Manual)

To use this method, you will need a file manager app with Root access. In this quicktip, we will be using the Root Browser app.

1. Download a custom boot animation you want to use by choosing the animation you want to use and downloading the associated file. (Here is another place to find custom animations to use.)

2. Open Root Browser (or your file manager) app and once inside, locate your original boot animation file ( in /system/media.


3. Long-press the file, choose Rename and name it to bootanimation.zip1.


4. Next, browse to the custom boot animation that you want to switch to, copy the zip file to /system/media. Long-press, choose Permission.

5. Tick the boxes as shown in the screenshot below, and press OK. After that, rename the file to, if the zip file name is different.

Note: You have to make sure that the file name is correct ( for the system to recognize your boot animation, and boot properly.

Boot Animation Zip

6. Now you should be able to see two zip files, one, (new file) and the other is bootanimation.zip1 (original).

Note: If you ever want to switch back to your original boot animation, delete the current and rename the original file back to (from bootanimation.zip1).

Zip Files

7. Reboot the device and you will be able to see your new custom boot animation!

#2 – Through Boot Animations (Root) App

1. Like the first step in Method #1, download the custom boot animation you want.

2. Grab the Boot animations root app here.

3. Open the app then choose Backup/Restore through the menu options. Backup your original boot animation by tapping Backup. (You can restore your original boot animation from here too with the Restore option.)

Backup and Restore

4. Locate your custom boot animation file (in this case, ‘’). Long-press the zip file then choose Install.

Note: File names such as ‘’ should be renamed to ‘’ before installing it.


5. After you have done installing, reboot your device to see your new custom boot animation.


And that’s it. You now know how to customize your boot animation.