TypeForm – Easy & Highly Customizable Form Builder

Forms are a major part of our online world nowadays. There are registration forms, applications, user experience forms and lots more. Today I will show you an easy-to-use-and-customize form builder, Typeform, which brings a whole new approach to online forms.

Designing your forms

With Typeform your form is basically on one page with three different sections: the Welcome page, the form itself, and the Thank You page.

As you fill out the forms the different sections and individual questions will fade out and slide to the next content block you added. Creating forms are super simple when using Typeform, just name a new form, build it and publish it.

Once you have named your form and you are in the form builder, drag and drop a new welcome screen. Your welcome screen will be the first page your users will see and is best used for a branding effect.

The other editing screens and tools will work just as good and almost the same way the welcome screen editor works. After you are all finished building your form content you can now go into the step of designing the form.

There are three simple options of design: color, font and background image.

You can tweak your form further by customizing the color of all the different content types like questions, titles, answers and backgrounds. You can even choose from color palettes that the people over at Typeform prepared nicely for us.

With Typeform, you can also customize your fonts and your backgrounds. Choose from pre-made background images or upload your own with the background uploader.

If you don’t feel like creating your form’s design on your own, there is even the option to choose from a design template called Typeform Themekit; Themekit also allows you to save your designs for forms you make in the near future.

Publishing your forms

When you are ready to publish your form you have three options. The first option you have is to use the link to your form that is given to you, which is hosted by them.

Second, you can create an HTML button to put on your webpage and it will quickly open as a popup window.

Third, you can embed the entire form on a webpage of your choice. When you embed the entire form you can even go with the mobile version, iframe version for desktops or just the plain old HTML code.


  • The forms are simple, easy to use, and very customizable.
  • A simple, easy to use and good looking form builder.
  • Customizable forms with colors, fonts and backgrounds.
  • Embed your form into your own webpage using HTML.
  • User and Self notifications.
  • Easy to use individual form settings.
  • Complete and easily readable analytics for each form.
  • Grant access to your colleagues. Share data with clients or friends.
  • Reflect your brand’s design with many design settings and customization.
  • Disadvantages

    I can honestly tell you that Typeform has no disadvantages in my eyes. It is loaded with features and brings an entirely new approach to online forms that is simply awesomely easy to use.


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