Wallpaper Release – Apocalypse

We have been fascinated with doomsday prophecies since history allowed us to remember, but nothing takes the cream like 2012, the mother of all prophecies. Dec 21, 2012 seems to be a culmination of all our fears, so much so that even our culture is affected by it. We read about it in blogs, watch it in disaster movies and hear about it in songs.

There are also amazingly talented individuals, who put these visions of armageddon onto paper and artwork (so to speak) and we get beautiful creations like this Apocalypse wallpaper by Richard Roberts. Here we see the Angel of Death walking through streets of desctruction brought upon by man himself.

On a lighter note, the end usually marks the beginning of something new. And if there is one thing humankind does best, it is the ability to celebrate the good in everything they come across.

In the meantime, if you just have to have this wallpaper, you can get them in these sizes.

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About the Author:

This wallpaper is courtesy of Richard Roberts. Roberts is a freelance designer and digital artist. Check out more of his work at richardroberts.com.

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