Webydo – Imagine There’s No Coding

In the minds of many professional web designers, site building platforms are associated with appalling, ugly templates, buggy CMS and unjustified prices. These platforms are more suitable for the DIY crowd and people looking for cheap and fast fix.  These platforms are not designed to fit the needs of designers creating and managing professional business websites for their clients. However, I came across a new platform that is based on a revolutionary technology that finally changes the rules of the game! Using this professional yet extremely friendly site builder, designers can create a state-of-the-art HTML website, without writing code using a completely free web service.

If you still believe that it’s impossible to create an exceptional, personalized, professional-looking website on an online site building service – you need to sign up to Webydo as soon as possible. This awesome professional site builder will change everything you know about free web design platforms! This service is a designers dreams come true. And if you think Webydo lacks any function – go on and suggest it on Webydo Participate section. This platform is made by designs and for designers. This is your kingdom, and here you are a king among kings :)

Design, Manage, Publish and Participate

Webydo is a professional online software for code free web design that lets you create stunning HTML websites with a built in CMS (Content Management System) for your clients. You can just drag and drop your design elements into Webydo’s open canvas and Webydo will automatically create the HTML code for you. When you hit Publish, your website will be live online instantly, enjoying Webydo’s advanced cloud-hosting. To put it simply, you can use Webydo to easily go through all the stages of launching your brand new website, starting from composing your design using Webydo’s in browser editor, hosting and managing the content yourself or by letting your client access Webydo’s CMS (Content Management System), enjoying different management tool such as SEO (search engine optimization). This platform is very flexible in every way:

  • In terms of design: it allows you to start working on your site from scratch with a blank canvas or use either one of their jaw-dropping layouts and designs. This makes Webydo perfect platform both for savvy professionals and beginners.


  • In terms of customization: its incredibly easy-to-use online software and CMS give you total control over your web pages’ look. Using Webydo WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) graphic interface and drag-and-drop editors you can insert, resize, crop, move and delete any visual object in a matter of seconds.


  • In terms of interactive design: With Webydo you can easily insert different design elements such as – menus, images, videos, galleries, custom designed forms, widgets, text caption with sophisticated animation and many more. You can easily add widgets such as Google Maps, social networks feed, and any other common web design feature. The wonderful advantage is that by using Webydo you can immediately see your design in action as you are designing in browser.


  • In terms of customer support: to get a better idea about what is Webydo and how to get the most out of its feature set you may want to watch one of their video tutorials: these are very brief and informative, useful information only. Apart from these, you can go to their Knowledge Base too. But my personal recommendation is to do their free 1 on 1 online sessions.  It takes about 30 minutes of your time and covers everything you need to know in order to immediately start creating your next stunning website. Webydo offers these sessions for free and you can do it any time you need an advice on how to achieve a specific web design effect.


  • In terms of pricing: it is quite unbelievable, but Webydo’s service is completely free for designers. It comes with unlimited bandwidth and 1 GB storage, and you can host as many websites as you like on Webydo’s sub-domain. Their Premium plan will currently cost you only $3.95/month (valid until the end of June). The major difference between the Free and the Premium plans is that Premium allows you to publish your website on your own domain. A cost paid for by your client.
  • In terms of community influence: ever since its launch, Webydo has gathered a strong community of designers around its powerful service. By signing up for a free account you’ll be able to join the designers’ discussions, report bugs, suggest new features and vote to prioritize which feature should be implemented first.


Final Thoughts

Webydo is a unique free web service featuring everything a designer needs in order to create and manage sophisticated HTML websites. Webydo is liberating web & graphic designers from their dependency on code or on limiting DIY site building platforms. Webydo opens doors for creative minds and lets artists express themselves with a pixel by pixel accuracy without wasting their precious time on transforming their designs into code. In other words, Webydo is a designers’ paradise :)

Try it yourself…. www.webydo.com

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