Winners Announced: 200 UI Design Icons From PixelGlyph

Friends, last week we hosted a very useful giveaway of 200 UI design icons for 5 lucky winners from PixelGlyph. Today, we announce those 5 lucky winners picked up via as promised.

The Winners Are…

  1. Mustaffa
  2. Sirbu Calin
  3. Bilal
  4. Yago
  5. Dante Mdz

Congratulations to the winners!  All the above winners have already been notified by email. If you haven’t received our email in your inbox, please be sure to also check your spam folder.

I thank you all the readers who participated in the giveaway. We will be hosting more useful giveaways in the future. Probably, there’s another wonderful giveaway upcoming in a couple of weeks.. YES!  So subscribe to our RSS to get updates and stay tuned!