Working With Windows + MS Office on iPad [Quicktip]

How would you feel if you could run your windows application like MS Words and PowerPoint on your beloved iPad and work anywhere you want, without the burden of your laptop? Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Now, not only can you read ebooks, have some Facebook time or play games on your iPad, but now it has become a productivity device that can help you complete your work no matter where you go.

Onlive Desktop Office

With OnLive Desktop, it is now possible to run Microsoft Office programs on your iPad. Onlive Desktop is an application that will allow you to open MS Word, Powerpoint and Excel files and work with them from the convenience of your iPad. Not only it does it give you mobility, you are also getting 2GB of free cloud storage to easily sync files with your office desktop. So what are you waiting for?

Getting Started With OnLive Desktop

First and foremost, you need to install OnLive Desktop on your iPad from the App Store. Once installed, head over to Onlive Desktop website and register an account.


When your account is registered, open the Onlive Desktop application on your iPad and sign in with the account you created.

Sign In

Once signed in, you will see Windows appear on your iPad screen with full functionality, pre-installed with Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and Adobe Reader.

Online Desktop

Now you can open Microsoft Word with the icon tha has been created on the desktop, and run it as if you are using it on your Windows desktop.

Microsoft Office Onlive desktop

You can also do the same with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Excel Onlive Desktop

Now with Onlive Desktop, you can create new and edit existing Microsoft Office documents right from your iPad.

You can also upload existing documents from any computer right to your Onlive Desktop account so you can open it directly from your iPad. To upload, simply log in to the Onlive Desktop website and you will see the upload button appear in the middle of the page.



Now not only can you use iPad for games and entertainment, you can also work on your office documents on your iPad, anywhere you want. No more bulky and heavy laptops for you.

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