Your Chance to Win $10,000 App Design Contest

I guess most web designers out there have heard about, a crowdsourcing website that promotes and makes it easy for people to hold design contests. If you know how things work on this website and if you appreciate these contests, then you will be more than pleased to hear about the Oomph $10,000 app contest.


But, let’s take one step after another and let’s start with the beginning. In case you don’t know much about Oomph, here is what you should know. It is a tablet app publishing platform, whose applications are used by millions of people in the world. Besides that, this platform is considered to be the best in the world, according to the iMonitor rating agency. As a result everyone should consider the opportunity of entering this contest, because besides the great prize one could also gain the appreciation of the best tablet app publishing platform.

Anyway, Oomph has more in store for you, than the application contest. The team behind this company has recently announced the launch of a self-service Marketplace for customizable tablet application templates. In order to make things clear for all of you, one should definitely state that the Marketplace is meant to help designers get to customers and earn some money. Therefore, the purpose of this service is to help designers sell their template designs on Oomph and at the same time to assist customers in finding the template that they can modify so that it will match their business.

Because they wanted more and more designers to find out about the new self-service, Oomph turned to Design, trusting that they will generate templates and awareness for Marketplace. And this is how, the $10,000 contest “was born”.


Well, to be more precise, this contest is not about only one competition but four, which are worth $2,500 each. The first one is about Event Apps, which means that the designers should focus on something related to music festivals, tradeshows, conferences or other events. The second contest targets Brochure Apps, such as travel brochures, university prospectus and the list may continue. The third competition is about Retail Catalogue Apps, for instance paint, clothing, and so on; while the last one invites the designers to think about Magazine Apps, such as: employee magazine, sports magazine or fashion magazine.

Contestants will find all the details concerning the competitions clearly stated in the task description area, so there shouldn’t be any problem in understanding the task. Besides that, the people in charge with the contest are constantly trying to make the competition easier, by offering updates, feedbacks or tricks and tips on what the application templates should look like.

So, if you love to design and if you believe that you could create something like this, then you should hurry up and you should send your submission, by the end of January, when the contest closes. So put your mind into it; let your imagination work and hopefully when they will announce the prize winners in February, your name will be on the list.

What are you waiting, join and win Oomph Contest

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